ARGO Dimensions

1st, we made a small ARGO box. We made a huge ARGO box. And then we got the size just the right.


The ARGO box is constructed of high quality birch plywood. It is finished to stay smooth, protect little hands (and big ones) and to be easy to clean. It has a removable seat for little people. It is painted, several times, with child safe paint.

  • Designed for 2 kids
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to Customize 

ARGO Cargo Bike Box Dimensions

The FRAME Overall

The frame and fork are constructed of chromoly steel (like airplanes and race cars). We also use stainless steel where we are concerned about corrosion. 

  • Comfortable, yet efficient frame
  • Lightweight
  • Very Little Maintenance

The complete bike length will vary based on your bike size. The kit is appoximately 170cm in total length. In order to estimate your overall cargo bike length (after you have added your bike), you will add 170cm to the length from your rear wheel to the middle of your cranks.

ARGO Cargo Kit Overall Length