ARGO Cargo DashBox

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ARGO Dash Box
ARGO Cargo Bike Dash Box
ARGO Dash Box
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ARGO DashBoard Kid
ARGO DashBoard Dog

Need a more water resistant box? Want to give your kids a place for their cups? Maybe a bowl or two for your dog?

Well, we have a solution for you. 

Our new DashBox is ready to serve you. We have two options:

DashBox with a Dashboard for Dogs has a special place for 2 bowls (not included) for your special family members. 

DashBox with a Dashboard for Kids has a spot for 2 cups (not included) for special treats and hydration. It even has a bag holder for light groceries or a trash bag.

The material is a high density plywood that is often used in Europe for trailers, gardening and construction work. The box has a nice, grippy texture inside and a smooth texture outside.

It is heavier than the standard box, with taller sides (for dogs and kids). And it still works great with the ARGO Rain Canopy.

For box dimensions, please see our ARGO Dimensions page. The box has the same dimensions, with slightly taller sides. 

ARGO Cargo Kit not included. Bicycle not included.