Putting It All Together



An experienced bicycle mechanic will find that installing the ARGO Cargo Kit is very intuitive. However, due to some new ideas in the ARGO, everyone needs to follow the instructions when assembling the ARGO.

When the kit is attached to a proper bicycle and assembled correctly, it works great. If you are not extremely comfortable with bicycles, we encourage you to bring your bike to a bike shop for proper assembly!

Technically speaking this is the assembly:

  1. Assemble 3 frame parts and torque properly
  2. Run cables and adjust 2 brakes
  3. Measure frame specifications and make adjustments to the kit
  4. Remove bottom bracket/cranks and reinstall
  5. Several small but necessary adjustments
  6. Front Derailleur Adjustment

A quick mechanic may complete this project in an hour on their first try. But, it could take about 2 hours if you are more meticulous or just really love to savor your work. 

Please send any feedback that you have about assembly and construction to argobikes@gmail.com. We are trying to make an easy to assemble and easy to use product.