About us

We love helping people ride bikes more. 

This is our baby. We have worked thousands of hours making the most simple, useful and fun product we could possibly make. And our entire desire is to help you re-connect with what matters most to you. Whether you need to take a break from your car, connect with your kids or just make a trip more fun, we hope to help. 

The ARGO is Born

Scott T. ran a bike shop for over a decade here in Denver, Colorado. Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop was the go-to shop for city bikes and trail bikes. The idea of creating the ideal place to learn to love cycling was born. The shop grew as word spread.

Several of Salvagetti's customers asked about purchasing Cargo Bicycles from their favorite city shop. But, once they heard the $3500-8000 price range, the wait time to receive it and the storage issues with these huge bikes, they balked. This got Scott thinking... "If someone could make a way to connect a box to the front of a regular bike, they would be a hundredaire over night." Well, one morning, Scott got to the shop way too early. He pulled out one of his cheap notebooks and started doodling. And his next doodle figured out the ARGO.


After assembling a team of roughly six designers and fabricators, the ARGO started to come to life. We decided that a Kickstarter would be the best way to find out if people wanted our solution. It worked really well.


And now, after dozens (and dozens) of prototypes, thousands of doodles, countless late night epiphanies and multiple trips to Taiwan, we are shipping the ARGO Cargo Kit to the world.

ARGO Prototype #1
This was our first ever attempt with a front loading cargo bike kit.

Come Say HI!

ARGO Bikes is headquartered in beautiful Denver, Colorado, USA, where we have miles of bike paths, plenty of hills and lots of enthusiastic folks to try out our product. If you are coming to town and want to check out The ARGO Cargo Kit, reach out to us.