Can My Bike Fit The ARGO?

The ARGO is extraordinarily simple.

We made it that way.

The ARGO connects to your bike in three places:

A: Brake
B: Frame
C: Fork (like a hub attaches)

3 Connection Points

***If you aren't feeling quite sure, print this out and take it in to your local bike shop with your prospective bike.*** 

 Download file (35.7kb)

To find out if your bike is going to work, we have listed out the needed specifications. Please be warned, we are going to have to use some technical jargon below to determine if your bike will work (easily). If you just need some questions answered to make up your mind, contact us.


Your bike should work well if all of the following things are true:

  • It is in good working condition without safety issues
  • It is has standard 68 or 73mm English bottom bracket
  • It is made of steel or aluminum (even though other materials can be plenty strong)
  • It has a rigid or locking (suspension) fork
  • It has cable actuated brakes*
  • It has wheels that are 26", 27.5" (650b), 700c or 29"
  • It has a head angle between 69 and 73 degrees
  • NO SRAM Road cranks (SRAM Mountain cranks are okay on 68mm frame widths)

*For hydraulic disc brakes, a lever will need to be attached to your bar at the time of attaching your cargo kit. It will add about a minute to the installation time, but it is very easy and simple.

Examples of Bikes that will work well:

Kona Adventure Bikes

Giant City Bikes

Trek Mountain Bikes


We have not tested and therefore cannot recommend:

  • Long Tails, such as the Surly Big Dummy. This seems like a funny idea, but the steering will be terrible and not safe with any "important cargo". 
  • Full Suspension bikes. Again, it sounds fun, but the chances of things going poorly are pretty great.
  • Fat and Plus Bikes. The entire idea of larger tires is to run lower pressure. The ARGO Cargo Kit very much prefers high pressure. This allows for safe steering and easy rolling.
  • Extreme Mountain Bikes. DJ and "all mountain" mountain bikes are great for riding on trails. They will (in almost every case) not work on an ARGO Cargo Kit without hurting someone or something.

Examples of great bikes that we DO NOT recommend for The ARGO:

Surly Big Dummy

Surly Fat Bike

Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead