Shipping policy

We ship all over the world.

The fastest way to see if we ship to your country is to add an ARGO to your cart. And we also have a page dedicated to shipping. If you run into trouble, please email us.

We have a warehouse in Denver, CO USA and Vienna, Austria

We will typically ship your order within 2-3 business days.

ARGO Compatibility with Your Bike

Find out more about brake and frame possibilities.

(This all changes soon)
For hydraulic brakes, you have 3 basic options: 

Most popular - Replace your current hydraulic brake with a mechanical brake setup. This would allow you to use the ARGO Brake Split system. 

2nd - Use a detachable brake lever with the ARGO. You will attach the ARGO brake lever to your bar each time you need to haul cargo. It will take about an extra minute to add the brake lever and move your brake lever out of the way. Here is an example of the lever that needs to be used: 

Rare - If you do not need to disconnect the ARGO from your bike, you can have a bike shop lengthen your hydraulic brake housing to allow the ARGO to use the hydraulic brake system. 

In a word: No. The ARGO is not yet compatible with BB30, BB92, etc. 

Mid-electric bikes have strict rider weight limits and therefore could put a rider in danger of damaging his bike and possible injury. Therefore, we have chosen not to create a connection for mid-electric bikes. 

DEALER / Distribution

More about dealer/distribution 

We would love it if you carried the ARGO. Contact us and let's make it happen.

Our product is shipped from Taiwan by either FOB or Ex Works depending on quantity.

Riding the ARGO

We like the ARGO between 50 and 60 psi (3.4 to 4.1 bar). You may like it lower if you have lighter loads or slippery conditions. You may like it higher if you are carrying more weight or you love to go fast.

You should start with an empty ARGO and add weight as you get more comfortable with your setup.

The ARGO kit comes with 2 child safety harnesses. And we also sell extras if you have misplaced yours.

We have the rain cover available!

We are definitely working on several other "must have" accessories for the ARGO. Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, our Newsletter and Instagram for announcements on all developments.