ARGO Cargo Conversion Testimonials

We love hearing how the ARGO changes lives!


Michael in California says...

"This has been a life changing experience for me and my kids. I love that I'm still riding the 25 year old mountain bike, and with the kids now! And I didn't have to mortgage my house to afford a great bakfiets.  My 20-month old girl shouts "Bike! Bike!" whenever I tell her we are heading somewhere.   Thanks again, and keep up the good work."

Nicole in San Francisco says...

Hello Argo,
We have successfully installed our cargo kit to our bike and have taken it out twice (in two days)! We've received a lot of positivity from our neighbors and various smiles and waves. Your design has made our travels around the Richmond (SF) so lovely and I can't wait for many more rides. My partner Peter has really enjoyed riding it and picked it up within a few blocks. I really love the roomy box to sit in. I'm around 5'2 and it is very comfortable. Today we rode to the farmers market and picked up a few extra goodies because we know we could bike it all home easily. Next weekend we are going to show off our new cargo kit BIG TIME by being in the SF Bicycle contingent for pride parade. I will be sure to email you a photo of us if we get one. In the meantime here is a photo from today. We took the long way home through Golden Gate Park with our farmers market spoils. Can't think of a better Sunday.
Thank you Argo!

Nicole (& Peter)



Mitch in Vancouver says...

Hello Argo, 

Here are some pics of our first ride with the ARGO. We did 17 km with the kids and they loved it! Thanks for the great product. The bike is a Trek Valencia +. So now its a pedal assist ARGO. The arrival was very timely as the Cargo Bike Championships are taking place this week in Vancouver and I'm already registered for them.