ARGO Cargo Bike Details

The ARGO Cargo Kit

The ARGO Cargo Kit is built with 3 things at the top of our priorities.

  1. Safety - we never sacrifice the safety of our customer or their cargo in any decisions.
  2. Usability - we create a product that fits easily into a busy life.
  3. Compatibility - where a trade off is made, we choose to make it more compatible with more people's bikes.

The result is a simple design. Using the ARGO is fun, easy and (in our own experience) life changing. 

How does it connect?

Our patent pending BBLink system allows your current bicycle to easily support more weight. We are connected to your bike in 3 points: The frame, the fork and the brake. It takes about a minute to go from bike to cARGO bike.

The frame attachment uses your current bearings (bottom bracket) as the fastener to your frame. This piece inserts into the ARGO at the end. Simply attach the included fastener. It is very simple to use.This will take 20 seconds...

 The brake connection system a simple threaded splitter. The red sections separate to allow you to connect your bike to your ARGO brake or your bike brake. This takes about 10 seconds...

Here is a video about the ARGO Brake System Setup


And your steering attachment is the same as attaching a wheel to your bike.You can use a 9mm (standard size) or the 15x100mm attachment. This takes about 20 seconds...

 Once You Are Ready, It is really fast

The ARGO Box

The ARGO box is constructed of Birch Plywood. This makes it exceptionally strong and also a classic beauty. Plywood loves to be re-painted in fun colors, so let your imagination go wild. We chose a water based paint that offers nice water proofing qualities and will not harm children and pets. You will need to dry off your box, as it is not intended to be stored in wet conditions. 

The box has holes and safety harnesses (included) for 2 small children.
The max capacity is 150lbs (68kg). Please stay within your strength and balance limits when riding the ARGO.


Construction and Parts Details

We built the ARGO Cargo Kit to be as tough as it can be. We used a combination of TIG welded Chromoly steel where strength mattered and stainless steel to prevent future corrosion problems. The ARGO was painted for durability as well. We used several processes to ensure proper fit, function and corrosion resistance. 

Each piece has been chosen to excel at strength, durability and fitment. We have carefully considered every piece on this product. 

  • Frame and Fork - 100% TIG Welded Chromoly
  • Brake - Tektro Aries Cable Actuated Disc Brake
  • Tire - Schwalbe Moto X
  • Weight - 39lbs (17kg)

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