How to Talk Your Husband into a Cargo Bike

(Update 8/23/2019: This is supposed to be funny, but also true(ish). Many people have reached out or commented that this is sexist/assuming/dumb. It is ALL OF THOSE THINGS, because the joke in the bike world is how to convince a wife that a husband needs a new bike.)

After talking to lots of people about cargo bikes, I had an insight. 

I noticed that, because opposites attract, often one party in the relationship is unsure of what life looks like with a cargo bike. Unsurprisingly, this is often talking your husband into seeing it the "right way". 

So, with a small swath of data and a little imagination, I am offering a little bit of help with talking your husband into a cargo bike. 

You are right to want a cargo bike. And with a little persistence, you'll have one. But, it may take a bit of clever strategy. 


Money talks and sometimes it yells. Cargo bikes are cheap to own. Even the fanciest ones are super inexpensive to maintain.

Here are some simple ways that cargo bikes save money, if that is what your husband is in to:

- Gas, Petrol, Diesel, Automobile Maintenance - Less car, less cost
- Gym membership - "I was going to join that gym that just opened up at Broadway and 5th. It's only $125 per month. Or, I guess, I could just exercise using my bike. I'll just need more excuses to ride it."
- Parking Fees - Avoid the garage fees and just ride to work.
Bus Pass - Ride your cargo bike instead.


There is a reason you are together. On some level, you like each other. And a cargo bike can spice up a relationship (not that way, you filthy animal). But here are a few ways to make your relationship feel closer because of a cargo bike. Oh, and if you have kids... show him this: "The Happiest Kids in the World". But, let's focus on you:

Picnic Dates - Pick a spot that you love, pack up some food and drink, bring a blanket and make a regular occasion of spending some time together. 
Volunteer - Pick a project you care about and work together to help. The cargo bike is very useful for helping at fundraisers, races, food banks, outdoor concerts, etc. Use your imagination.
YOUR HAPPINESS - You are going to be a happier person with a cargo bike. If they don't believe you, show them that last sentence.
- Exercise - People who exercise are happier and easier to be around. If you get exercise, he will benefit, too. 



A Cargo Bike can also be a way to make/save money. Or in more cases, we mean that you will have more opportunities to make money. 

- Advertising - If you or your husband owns their own small business, especially where you wish to speak to new people, a cargo bike can be an incredible way to start a conversation. Every single time you take the cargo bike out you are making positive impressions. 

- Delivery - Cargo bikes make sense in dense areas for delivery. Think sandwich catering (and your bike is still advertising while you bring in the food), books, booze or pet supplies. 

- Services - If you have a service company, arriving on a cargo bike is noteworthy and also fun as can be. For example:  Computer services, massage, dog washing, house cleaning. 



Just between us: When you get a cargo bike, you find excuses to use it. It will enrich your life. And you will connect to your world in new ways. It is just a better life with a cargo bike. 

This is our goal at ARGO, to let you know these things for yourself. 

Keep the faith and let us know how you were successful at getting yourself a cargo bike!