Mid Electric Bikes and the ARGO

For a few years, you could only get hub driven electric bikes. Then, seemingly overnight, lots of other options popped up. By lots, we mean


Brands such as Bosch, Yamaha and Bafang each have many different styles, shapes and sizes. And every season, there are new variations added to the list. 

A few years ago, we wandered around Eurobike for a few hours looking at the new bikes that were coming out. Most of them were electric assist bikes, which is great. And most of them were mid-electric, which is also great. But, why so many mid-e bikes instead of rear hub bikes. 


In Europe, most countries has a wattage (power) restriction on bicycles that do not require a license. So for that huge market, the desire for performance needed to be from making things more efficient while keeping power at (around) 250w. The facts are clear that the mid-e bikes are more efficient that the rear hub versions with the same rating for power. We aren't going to get into the reasons. (Nerd Out Here)


To make a universal (or even a 50% of market) BBLink adapter has been at the top of our list for break-thru ideas for years now. We have multiple concepts but nothing that we could produce confidently. So the bad news is that we are not mid-drive compatible at this point. We want to be. We think we will be.


Instead of the phrase, "The ARGO Turns Your Bike into a Cargo Bike", we'll have to say, "The ARGO Turns Your OTHER Bike into an electric Cargo Bike". We do that by pointing you to a kit to add to your ARGO to make it an eARGO. It is super fun. It is very simple. It is from our friends at Electric Bike Outfitters in Colorado. 
Reach out to EBO today.

So, find yourself a simple bike that feels comfortable and let's turn it into an electric cargo bike.