Keeping All of Your Bikes (Safe)

Keeping Your Bikes (Yours)

Your bike is... well, it is YOUR bike. And having a bike stolen is a feeling that no one should ever face. There are things we can do to prevent theft. And there are things we can do if the unfortunate happens.  With more than 20 years of time spent in bike shops, we have learned a lot that we can share.

Prevention: Locks and Tracking

There are 3 basic styles of lock: Cable, U-Lock and Chain Locks. A combination of these can prevent would be thieves from even looking closely at your bike.

Note: All of the pictures are of Kryptonite Locks.


When you lock up any bike, you need to make it look either unattractive or difficult to a thief. Ways to make your bike less attractive include:

  • lock to something that cannot easily be moved (bike rack, tree, etc)
  • remove wheels - take a wheel with you
  • use multiple locks - the more the harder
  • lock several bikes together - add lots of locks to lots of bikes
  • choose a place with lots of activity

Cable locks *can* be cut quickly. Cable locks are fine for a situation that you can still watch your bike. But it takes seconds to cut a cable and there is little that can be done to avoid it. They are great for an additional lock for wheels. 

U-Locks are fairly versatile and can lock up frames, wheels and often times both. They are heavier than cables, but many times harder for a thief to cut. They aren't 100% coverage, because nothing is. 

Chain locks are very versatile and can lock up many things in one lock. Chains are the heaviest option, but if you are riding a cargo bike, that may not be an issue. The more you spend, the less of a chance someone can cut it easily. 


By adding a tile to your cargo bike, you add a layer of recovery unavailable even a decade ago. 

Adding a Tile (they are tiny little trackers you can find with your phone) to your box during assembly allows you to (most likely) track your Cargo bike when you cannot find it. More info.

NOTE: Be safe when recovering any bike. Please call the local authorities to assist in any recovery you encounter.  No bike is worth hurting or getting hurt. 

For Good Measure: Pictures, Serial Numbers and Insurance

Serial Number and Pictures in One Place

Do this:

  1. Take 3 photos of each of your bikes and cargo bikes. One from the side, one from the front and one of the serial number. 
  2. Write down the model name and serial number
  3. If you have it, take a picture of that, too
  4. Now email yourself all the pictures and bike details so you will always have them


Insurance is what you will be counting on should a theft occur. With a quick call to your insurance agent, you can ensure that you are covered. Many home owner and renters policies cover bicycle theft at home or away. And great coverage is very affordable. They will also appreciate that you are doing lots of things to PREVENT the thieves.