5 Great Examples of New Bikes to Turn Into a cARGO Bike

Find the Right Match

Are you thinking about getting an ARGO? Do you still need a bike?
Well, we are here to help.

We understand that finding the right bike to match with an ARGO can be a challenge. So let's take a look at a few examples that we know are easy to use with the ARGO. You can go ride these at a bike shop. And if you like these bikes by themselves, you will LOVE them with the ARGO attached on the front.

Below is a short list of a few bikes that you may consider for your new cARGO bike. All of the listed bikes are extremely well made. They are all under $1000. And they happen to be (in our opinion) value leaders in their class. 


The Specialized Pitch Sport 27.5  is perfect for a bunch of reasons. Price $600

1. It is a tough and stiff mountain bike. This makes for a more concise ride.
2. It has all the specs you need to convert it easily (lockout fork, cable style brakes)
3. It is built for comfort and function with wide gear range


The Linus Pronto is a great step through (named because they are easy to get on to) frame. Price $669

1. Tough steel construction
2. A nice gear range for less hilly areas
3. A step through frame for folks who need it



The Flat Bar Surly Cross Check is the Jeep of bikes. Price $899

1. It's a Surly. It's burly. It's ready for anything.
2. The black will match the ARGO for style points.
3. Surly Dealers will be excited to set up the ARGO with you.


The Giant Escape 2 is an urban bike for lots of riding types. Price $460

1. Stiff aluminum frame
2. HUGE gear range for hills and smiles
3. Giant offers a lot of bike for very little money.

The Raleigh Carlton is a stylin' bike. Price $550

1. Super stylish bike for super stylish people.
2. Great accessories for year round riding
3. Just right parts spec for getting ARGOnized.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a great place to start. If you are needing help finding the right bike, reach out to us. (WE LOVE TO HELP)



  • Does Argo Bike have a coupler that fits a Priority 600 with the pinion gearbox at the pedals?

    Phil Almeraz
  • Salut l’équipe, félicitations pour votre invention. Je suis très intéressé et curieux de tester votre ARGO sur mon vélo a assistance électrique “BH Evo Cross” (le moteur étant sur le moyeu de la roue arrière). Avez vous une idée sur les délais de livraison, les coûts de livraison et de douanes? Avez vous de l’occasion?
    Merci pour votre retour.
    Amitiés Sportives

  • HI There, Looks brilliant. Just a couple of questions. Can you confirm that it can be used with a mountain bike with front suspension and v-brakes. Lastly, is there any customs fee on receipt in France? Thanks a lot, Kevin

    Kevin Taylor

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