Our Vision of the Future

ARGO Cargo Bikes has a mission. 

We are bringing Cargo Bikes to the World.


Our vision can be realized. Picture this:

Your car has traveled less miles this year than your bike. Your favorite grocery store has (c)ARGO bike parking. Your children's school has a bicycle drop off line. Your dog thinks you are taking it for a ride every time you grab your helmet. You are more connected to your community, to your daily experience and your life. And here is the crazy part: this is also true for your friends and neighbors.

How do we get there?

Simple: We ride our bikes. We ask friends to ride with us. We show that riding a cargo bike is not only easy, but fun. We act today the way we want the world to act tomorrow. We are courteous and helpful, so that we are not just allowed on the path/road/sidewalk, we are accepted. 

Our Promise to You

Through product development, sponsorship, community building and idea sharing, we will do our best to remove as many obstacles as possible to cargo bikes being accessible to the entire world.

Can you see it?

Join Us!


  • hi from Holland,Briljant.IS there a whole sale in Holland some where?Tnx Leno

    leno van Nieuwkoop
  • I liked your idea about the bike cargo..I think it will be really useful without being time consuming!!

  • I am considering purchasing a mid-drive electric bike. I do not forsee any reason that your Lift kit would not work on an electric mid-drive or even rear-drive bike, do you?

    John Medley
  • This is brilliant.
    Will you sell the kit in the UK?
    My only hesitation for using it round here would be getting it through the chicanes, bollards and gates on the local cycle paths (I’m near the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland and travel mainly to Edinburgh from here, mostly off-road but some shared pavement and bike/pedestrian road crossings). Can you tell me what the wheelbase is?

    Dan Trotter
  • Hey there Renato,
    Thank you for the great question!
    20" Wheels may be a stretch on compatibility. If you are will to send over more details, we can check it out for you. The Italian BB should not be an issue for the BBLink design.

    Scott Taylor

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