Additional Bike Kit

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Additional Bike Kit
ARGO Cargo Bike BBLink
Additional Bike Kit

You say you want to be able to have more than one bike on your ARGO kit?

Sometimes you have 2 bikes that need to be turned into a cargo bike, but only the room for one ARGO Cargo Kit. Well, now you can make your whole fleet into a cargo bike. 

Complete Additional Bike Kit

Frame Parts and Cable Brake Split Set

Frame Parts - BBLink Setup

2 Bottom bracket plates
1 Nub
1 Spacer
1 Bottom Bracket Lockring

Cable Brake Split Set

1 Split holder
1 Set of Red splitters
1 Compatible Brake cable
2 Black housing ends

Don't forget that you will need to adjust for overall bike length, fork rake and head angle when you switch between bikes. 

Please Note: This Item Only Ships from the US warehouse.

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